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Attract Money Now

By Dr. Joe Vitale

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2009 by Michael C. Gray

Dr. Joe Vitale knows how to tap into human desires, especially at this time of high unemployment. We all want to Attract Money Now. The title of this book is right on target for this time.

Joe is an internet marketer, speaker, copywriter and author. Many of his books and ebooks are about advertising and marketing, but he also has written many books and courses about the Law of Attraction. He appeared in the popular video, The Secret. He doesn't write from an ivory tower. Joe has had the bitter experience of being broke and homeless. He has turned his life around and today lives in a beautiful home, has a small collection of exotic cars, and has a life partner that he is happy with.

In Attract Money Now, Joe outlines an "easy" seven-step "formula" to attract money into your life and have a rewarding life in the process. If you think you can just read this book in a corner and checks will start arriving in the mail, you will be disappointed. That is not the promise of this book. You will have to take action and do some work to attract wealth. But Joe does tell some stories about people who have "set an intention" or defined a desired goal and money has sometimes "appeared" in the form of an unexpected rebate or gift.

We are often our own worst enemy by blocking money from coming to us, because our self-limiting beliefs and our beliefs that we aren't worthy to receive or accumulate large amounts of money sabotages us. Joe gives some suggestions to "clear" those beliefs, including confronting them and working with a supportive mastermind group.

One of the steps many people will have the most difficulty with is giving. According to Joe, giving places the individual in the mindset of tapping into the flow of money in the universe. The tradition of tithing was initiated from this concept. When you are experiencing a challenging financial time, it is very hard to give emotionally. A mindset of lack attracts "more" lack into your life. Joe suggests that you should give when you have an emotional "up" and the good feelings from giving will move you into the mode of attracting more money. The trick is to give without an expectation of receiving in return. Releasing money by giving it freely without expectation of receiving in return opens you up to it coming to you. This is probably the most difficult thing to understand and accept in the book.

But isn't giving without the expectation of receiving really what the holiday season is all about? It's our longest celebration of the year and it's really all about giving.

I don't know for sure that you will Attract Money Now if you read Joe's book, but I do know you will have a richer life of spiritual values if you put his ideas into practice.

You can preview the book as an ebook for free by downloading it at You can buy it at A free DVD, Attract Money Now Live, is included as a bonus. This might be a nice holiday gift.

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