*A Book Review*

Employee Stock Options

By Gabriel Fenton, Joseph Stern III and Michael Gray

by Michael C. Gray

April 28, 2000

Employee stock options are currently the hottest form of incentive compensation. In Silicon Valley, many employees are accumulating substantial wealth through their stock options, fueling a real estate boom. I have had conversations with people all over the United States who are also sharing this experience.

People who own employee stock options need specialized help because of the interrelationship of the tax and investment consequences of decisions relating to them. Many of these people have told me they have had a hard time finding information they can use.

Employee Stock Options was written to help these people.

Gabriel Fenton and Joseph S. Stern, III are portfolio managers and investment advisors who work extensively with investors about issues with employee stock options. Since I have developed a lot of tax-related material relating to these issues, they asked me to contribute to their book.

Different scenarios for employees making decisions relating to stock options are explored, including Pre-IPO and Post-IPO Planning, New Job at an Established Company, Old Pro at an Established Company, and Leaving Your Company. There are also chapters on Restricted and Control Securities, 36 Frequently Asked Questions and Investment Strategies to manage risk.

As part of a self-examination process, an Emotional Intelligence Quiz and an Optionaire Objectivity Quiz are included in the book.

If you are making decisions relating to employee stock options, you really should own and study this book.

This book is out of date. For up-to-date information on the taxation of employee stock options, Michael Gray has published more recent books, available on Amazon and the Silcon Valley Publishing Company website.

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