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*A Book Review*

Sex Money KISS

By Gene Simmons

by Michael C. Gray

March 9, 2008

Are you old enough to remember when KISS appeared as a rock band? Its debut record album was released in 1973. Here was an outrageous group of performers, wearing vampire style makeup and spitting blood. For several years, they sold more recordings than anyone else.

In Sex Money KISS, Gene Simmons tells his story as a founder and bass guitarist for the group, and shares some wisdom about how the reader can become financially successful.

Right now, Simmons is getting some notoriety as a contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice television show. He has also had his own "reality" show, "Family Jewels."

You might be surprised to learn that Gene Simmons is, in many ways, a very conservative person. He claims he has never touched drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. He has clearly defined house rules for his children. Although he has made it clear he never intends to marry, he always has a written agreement with any woman with whom he shares a long-term relationship.

In the past, he has had relationships with Cher and Vanessa Williams. He has been living with his current lover, a former Playboy model, for over twenty years.

Simmons is also consumed with making money. He ranks having money at the top of virtues, even above love. The reason, he explains, is that love isn't very helpful to pay the doctor and medical bills when your loved ones need that expensive care.

You can understand Simmons' obsession with money when you know that he grew up as a poor little boy in a single parent household in Israel. His mother was divorced and gorgeous, but poor. She divorced her husband because he wouldn't work. Simmons desperately wanted to help improve their financial circumstances.

Probably Simmons' most controversial philosophy is his adamant belief that any man who gets married is crazy and any woman who doesn't get married is also crazy. As a practical matter, anyone who gets into a relationship he or she expects to last more than two years should have a written contract. He has repeatedly seen his associates have to disgorge significant shares of their fortunes to their former spouses or former "significant others". The women he has chosen to have relationships with are financially independent.

Simmons has no interest in making significant donations to a church or most charities.

He is quite a tightwad, but can be generous with his friends and family.

Simmons recommends that you should always have many projects "in play". It's OK that some will fail or some will be abandoned. Some of them will succeed, and will justify the ones that didn't work out.

He is highly energetic, and is constantly working on new ideas.

Initially, Simmons started in business ventures by building on the KISS brand, including developing comic books, magazines, writing books and selling collector edition bass guitars. He is a popular public speaker. Simmons has helped other music groups get started, and ventured into movies and sports teams, including the Indy (automobile) Racing League.

In many ways, Gene Simmons is a fascinating example of an American success story. His unconventional viewpoints make him a colorful character. Sex Money KISS includes some important lessons, and is a worthwhile, entertaining reading.

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