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Do you believe in yourself?

The “mountain” many of us have to move to reach our potential is our disbelief in ourselves.

Have you heard of “imposter syndrome”? We doubt that we can do what we promise. We’re afraid we will be discovered to be “the person behind the curtain”, a fraud.

I believe you are a child of God, and “God don’t make no junk!” You are actually a walking miracle–the most complex creation on earth. Being alive is a miracle–to my knowledge, we still haven’t replicated it. We can only create life from life. The human brain is still the most powerful computer on Earth.

William James, a 19th century philosopher who is also considered “the father of American psychology” said, “Compared with what we ought to be, we are only half awake. … We are making use of only a small part of our possible mental and physical resources. Stating the thing broadly, the human individual thus lives far within his limits; he possesses powers of various sorts which he habitually fails to use.”

The ability to exhibit extrasensory perception (ESP), like telepathy, remote vision, precognition and clairvoyance, seems to mostly depend on the individual’s BELIEF he or she can, and, like most abilities, can improve with practice.

Look at the miraculous inventions that people have created. You hold a library of the world’s knowledge in your hand with your smart phone. Most recently, we are fascinated with the potential benefits and dangers of artificial intelligence. We can communicate with people anywhere on Earth. We can project and receive sound and images for high fidelity entertainment. We have also created horrific weapons that could potentially wipe ourselves out.

Most of us are limited by what other people have told us, who may very well have had the best intentions. “That will never work.” “You’ll never be a writer.” “You’re no artist.” “You can’t sell.” “You’ll never learn.” “If man was meant to fly, he would have been born with wings.” “If a person travels more than 40 miles an hour, his heart will explode.” “No one will ever break the four-minute mile.”

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar used to call this being a SNIOP – Susceptible to the Negative Influence of Other People.

Fortunately, leading thinkers disregarded those limiting beliefs and went ahead and achieved breakthroughs anyway, making life better for the rest of us.

Did you know baby circus elephants used to have a leg tied to a stake in the ground? As adult elephants, they were conditioned to continue standing in place when tied to a stake in the ground, when they could easily pull have pulled it out.

Did you know it’s “impossible” for a bumblebee to fly? They have huge bodies with tiny wings. They aren’t aerodynamically designed. And they fly all over the place!

(Use common sense. Don’t jump off the Golden Gate Bridge without a parachute or bungee cord!)

Napoleon Hill included a poem, The Man Who Thinks He Can by Walter D. Wintle, in his book, Think And Grow Rich. Here’s an excerpt.

“Life’s battles don’t always go To the stronger or faster man, But sooner or later the man who wins Is the one who thinks can.”

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Helping small business owners develop extraordinary businesses that really work for their customers, their employees, themselves and their families