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Speak to Sell

By Dan Kennedy

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2016 by Michael C. Gray

According to speaker and author Dan Kennedy, most of us have an erroneous image of people who speak in public for a living.

Those who command large speaking fees are celebrities and can draw big audiences. Examples would be Bill and Hillary Clinton or Steven Spielberg. These individuals can be thought of like Shamu the Killer Whale at Sea World. Their purpose is to get people to an event. Many members of the audience don't even care what they say. There are very few people like this.

Otherwise, the most successful speakers are those who understand speaking as media. Their purpose is to sell products and services.

Kennedy speaks from experience. For nine years, he was the closing speaker for Peter Lowe's Success events, speaking to audiences of 25,000 people + in arenas across the United States. (I first experienced Dan Kennedy at one of these events and the rest is history. I have been a loyal fan and customer for twenty years.) He still speaks at events today, mostly within the GKIC organization that he founded, and can sell $100,000 or more per day at an event.

In Speak to Sell, Kennedy shares what it takes to successfully craft a speech and the process of building a successful speaking career.

A well-crafted speech is a one-to-many sales presentation. Start with a big promise to get the attention of those likely to buy from you. Tell stories that they can identify with, highlighting their common problems and agitating them. Then present your solution with an irresistable offer. Somewhat like a Ron Popeil or George Foreman infomercial.

A major obstacle to success in speaking (and life) is an aversion to selling. According to Kennedy, your purpose must be clear - to sell - without guilt or reservation. The reason the speaker/salesperson should not have guilt or reservation is the offer/product/service sold is a legitimate solution to the customers' problems and is of legitimate value. The speaker is selling honestly, for the mutual benefit of the buyer and the speaker.

In order to have a successful event, the organizer must assemble an acceptable size audience of qualified prospects who are likely to want what you have to offer. Think of the event as a large Tupperware party. Your concern is to appeal to likely buyers and you aren't concerned whether you please or offend anyone who isn't likely to buy. Your objective isn't a standing ovation; it's a stampede to the back of the room to buy what you have to offer!

I think you can see why Dan Kennedy has been called "the Professor of Harsh Reality."

If you are interested in speaking for promoting your product or service, you will definitely want to own and devour Speak to Sell.

Buy it on Amazon: Speak To Sell: Persuade, Influence, And Establish Authority & Promote Your Products, Services, Practice, Business, or Cause.

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